We use a Google Group and a Remind group to manage all XC communications. You can access links to both of the communication outlets under the communication tab above, or down this page.

  • The Google Group is great for things like asking questions or planning carpools.

  • The Remind is great for instant communication with Coaches or captains. Runners, use the Remind group to quickly text back with a question or comment.


used for real-time communications amongst team members

Runners, you'll want to join the Remind group to receive instant updates from your captains. You can text the captains or coaches directly and get instant responses if you have questions.

So how do you join the dang thing anyway? Glad you asked.

Text Instructions:

  1. Compose a new text to 81010, and text '@lasacr' (without quotes).

    1. If you have the Remind app already, you can click the join a class button and use the code lasacr.

  2. You'll get a few texts back asking for your name and user type. Text back your full name, and reply 'S' to identify as a student.

  3. Remind will now open up individual conversations with each of the captains and coaches. You can delete these if you want. You'll still receive updates.

  4. At this point, you're welcome to download the Remind app for an enhanced experience.

Google Group:

used for coordination and sending out information.

Parents, you'll want to join the Google Group to get all of the logistics and nitty gritty details about what's going on in Cross Country. It also works as a great Q&A forum if you have questions.

So how do you join the dang thing anyway? Glad you asked.

Email Instructions:

  1. If you have a Gmail address, sign in on beforehand to get an enhanced Google Groups experience. If not, you can still use the Google Group.

  2. Once you're done, go to this link.

  3. If you have a Gmail. make sure to set your email preferences to "Notify me for every new message."

  4. Type in the necessary information to join the group. If you're given the opportunity, please let us know how you're related to the LASA Cross Country team as it will help with approval process.

After that, you should now receive all cross country emails straight to your inbox. Additionally, if you have a Google account, the link in the menubar will take you to the full Google Groups online experience.