Dylan Cox

Howdy! I’m Dylan Cox and I will be one of your senior captains this year! Even though I will be a first year captain, I feel I’ve been preparing for this for a while and am coming off a season of winning the coveted Team Dad award at last year’s cross-country banquet for lovingly (and sternly) pushing everybody to work hard at practice and warm up well to seize the day (my kids are the best!). I have been running for as long as I can remember and started seriously training after my 7th grade year with a local track club that I still run with in the offseason. Due to my many years of experience with such things, my role on the team will consist of writing workouts for the team and making sure they can be tailored to all runners on the team from Varsity to JV to people just looking to come and have fun working out with our fantastic group of athletes. I like to challenge all our runners to make sure they improve as much as they can over the course of the season which means I tend to catch flak from some runners, captains included (I’m looking at you Cameron), for workouts seeming daunting but I promise that if you stick it out, you’ll be rewarded with big self-improvements. After all, pain is just weakness leaving the body ;)

I look forward to an amazing season with new and returning runners and am ecstatic about the wonderful challenges and prospects that come from being your captain.