Eva Legge

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This is Eva Legge, senior captain, reporting for duty. I have stuck with this wonderful group of nerdy neanderthals since freshman year because (in my unbiased opinion) you couldn’t ask for a better team and a better sport. Running with the LBJ cross country team gives me a purpose, a community, a reason to gloat over how much more I have accomplished before 7:30 am than any of my non-running friends. Though the moment your alarm goes off at 5am may feel like heavy death, once you are climbing hills, admiring a blazing sunrise, breaking through personal goals, and making close friendships through common hardships and common breakthroughs, it is all worth it. There is nothing like watching your friends shave ten seconds off their time in a meet or being lifted up by a blazen, cheering team right when you want to quit. If you are new to running, nursing an injury, nervous about competing or feel left behind by the speed demons that haunt the track, we will always be there for you. Also, if you ever need a running buddy, I will always be happy to run with you or find someone that matches your pace. I became captain because I wanted to give back to this amazing support and consistency I have had in these past three years. I am also a yoga teacher, so if you have any questions about stretching or different routines to amplify your running practice, I’m your gal. Aside from running, I love to write, do yoga (of course), and wander around aimlessly in nature.