What is cross country?

Cross-country is a sport that involves running...lots of running! Cross-country races typically take place on a 5,000 meter (3.1 miles) course over varied surfaces and terrain. Cross country is both an individual and a team sport. It is individual, because each runner must run his/her own race. But, at the same time, runners rely completely on their teammates in order to have a successful team. The team puts the joy and the meaning in cross country. Cross-country runs from the beginning of the school year until late October. Our LASA cross-Country Team practices Mondays - Thursdays before school, starting at 6:00 a.m.

Who should join?

Some students join our team because they want to earn a PE credit and they are willing to wake up early and get in shape. Some join because they are eager to experience the fun of being part of a team, and they enjoy running in a recreational way. And some LASA Cross-Country members are serious competitors who are dedicated to improving their performance and contributing to our team's winning tradition. Our team takes pride in its competitive success while also maintaining a focus on providing a fun, supportive community for all who want to join.  

What's so great about it anyway?

One of the things that's awesome about cross country is our tight-knit community and the social aspect. People always say how much they loved running with their buddies in cross country because it brings a whole new meaning to their friendship. In cross country, everybody has fun. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us.

What do I bring to practice?

Knowing what to bring to day one of practice can be tricky, so we have created a list of the Bare Necessities:

*optional items, all others are highly recommended

If you've got questions about cross country feel free to email the coaches or the captains and we'll get in touch.

6AM Dropoff Map

Runners, catch us on the SportsYou! For parents and runners, we have a Google Group for email messages. Check 'em out at the Communication page.


Head Coach - Mary Metcalf

Assistant Coach - Sarah Davis

2023-24 Captains:

Erika Torii-Karch, Sheridan Wallace, Sydney Jones, Vance Mader, Noah Loy