Welcome to LBJ Cross Country! Here's what you need to know

Post date: May 15, 2016 3:41:19 AM

Thanks for checking out our website! It's coming along. As of now, we don't have a domain name, but we'll be sure to get one soon. Let us know what you think on the Remind or the Google Group.

Summer Workouts: (AKA: What you need to know now)

  • Summer workouts will be held three times per week throughout the entire summer. These are organized and lead by captains. Attendance is optional but strongly encouraged. Click here to access the calendar where you can find all the summer workouts.

  • We’ll practice downtown at Austin High School for track workouts and at Philosopher's Rock close by. See this post on summer training for more information.

Official Workouts (AKA: What you need to know later, but you should probably read anyway to be prepared. Go you!)

  • Official season practices begin two weeks before school starts. This is when the coaches will start leading the practices. THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL NEED YOUR UPDATED PHYSICAL. READ BELOW.

  • Practice is held on campus daily before school and begin promptly at 6:00 am. Our first practice day at school will be the second day of school. (Runners shower in locker rooms before school begins, we’ll debrief everybody on that the first day).

  • Once school starts, we’ll have practice four days a week at 6:00 am, and if cross country is on your schedule (AKA: you are doing it for a PE credit), you must come at least twice a week. However, if you plan on competing, you should come at least three days a week and try to make the fourth.

  • STUDENTS MAY NOT PRACTICE WITHOUT A CURRENT PHYSICAL. Runners must have physical forms by the second week of August in order to practice or compete. Physicals remain valid for one school year and are required to participate in any school sport. A simple physical can be completed at a personal doctor's office or at affordable clinics such as MedSpring. You can pick up a physical packet at any AISD school and be sure to have it when your old one expires. Read our page on Physicals

  • Equipment needed for daily practices includes running clothes, tennis shoes, a water bottle, and shower necessities (including a towel). You don’t have to shower or change, I guess, but your friends will thank you if you do both. Being cleanly never hurts.

That's all for now. Thanks for running with LBJXC!