Packing List

What to pack for Corpus!

  1. uniform (top and bottom)

  2. warm ups (top and bottom)

  3. running shoes (spikes if you run in them)

  4. running socks

  5. water bottle

  6. specific running fuel (gels, etc.) only if you use them. Nothing new on race day!

  7. XC t-shirt (wear on Friday)

  8. snacks for the ride down and back

  9. running shorts for Friday (so we can run the course when we get there)

  10. dry, clean clothes for dinner Friday night

  11. swimsuit/flipflops/towel for the beach

  12. toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant/particular soap/shampoos, etc.)

  13. change of clothes for the ride home

  14. phone/phone charger/headphones, etc.

  15. small pillow if you want for the ride down and back

You can bring your things to Croston's portable before school on Friday. Again, meet by Croston's portable as soon as you get out of period 5 at 11:20. We want to leave by 11:30.

Questions? Let me know!