Audrey Davis

Hey guys, Audrey here! First off, if this your first time running or first time doing cross country, you’re in for a treat! Get ready for early mornings, great friends and lots of hydrating. Cross Country has hands down been the best thing I’ve joined in high school and it’s going to be a very hard goodbye (and hello when I have to start waking up at 5 in the morning). I started running in middle school after I quit gymnastics and my Mom said that I had to do a sport. I remember the first run she took me on, not even half a mile into it, feeling like I was about to die. My mom took my hand and wouldn't let me stop running, and after we did a mile I laid down on the sidewalk. Not to discourage anyone from running, but only to say I know the pain that comes with beginning to run and could talk for hours about how much it’s worth it to keep going. For me, besides the competition, running is a way for me to relax and have time for me as well as to hang out with some of my closest friends. Running every morning with a fantastic group of people has created really strong bonds that in my opinion are worth the pain and early mornings. This will be my fourth year of XC, third year of varsity, second year as a captain and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the season will bring! P.S. please, please, please come to summer practices (especially if you want to be on varsity!!)