Suzanna Metcalf

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Hey there! My name is Suzanna Metcalf and I'm a Senior captain this season! I've been running ever since I could tie my own shoes (and I still can!) when I'd run road races and try to beat all the boys at the fitnessgram pacer test, but it wasn't until middle school that I began running competitively. I started running LBJ Cross Country the summer before my freshman year when, due to an appalling failure on the part of then-captains to employ map links to disclose summer practice location, a lot fewer runners came out to runs (but boy has that changed)! I have run LBJ XC for the past three years and I was a captain last season. I've also run track since middle school and this will now be my fourth and final season running LBJ track. A few other things to know about me: If I'm listening to music before a meet (or really ever), I'm listening to Danger Zone because it's arguably the best song ever written. I hydrate like crazy on Fridays. I'm going to owe the team a lot when I graduate because my spikes have torn holes in 90% of my XC gear. The shower with the blue curtain is mine... but I guess I can share (I'm completely kidding. Of course we always share). And even if the team community wasn't incredibly bonded, the competition wasn't extremely exhilarating, and the payoff wasn't immensely rewarding, I'd still do cross country. Just for the B skips. I love B skips. Oh and most importantly, and this is not up for discussion: It's carioca. Not grapevines. Not over-unders. NOT karaoke. Carioca. I’m so incredibly excited to watch the sun rise, lounge around on Coach Croston’s bus, eat too many bananas, joke the heck around, train real hard, and sweep the podium with all of you! Sic em jags! :)