Social Media

Hey guys!

Cross Country is now operating an Instagram account two Instagram accounts! (and a TikTok?: read below) You read that right.

First, our current official main account is @lasa_xc. We’ll begin posting this summer as more Cross Country activities happen, so it’s a great way to get a peek at what XC is up to without too much of an intrusion. (However, the best place for official announcements is still the Remind and Google Group, which can be found on the Communication page.)

Next, the captains are operating their own account, which you can follow at @lasaxc.captains. (You might call it a finsta.) We’re going to be posting throughout the season and with much greater frequency than the main @lasa_xc, but also expect a lower amount of finesse on this account as opposed to the main one. We’ll post everything from running memes to us looking dead to hot pictures of Kepler(<3). It should be a good time, but follow at your own risk.

Effective Summer 2021, the captains are looking into the possibility of creating a LASA XC TikTok. Let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to run it.